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From: Ron Kelly
Subject: Exploits Of Jay #11Jay decieded to get out of the house for awhile,his mom was off for the day
and his grandpa was also home.
He had slept late that morning,awaking with the usual erection and stroking
himself as he lay there musing over the past events,seems his whole life
was built around sex anymore.Not that he was complaing,far from it,hell,he
loved it,but it did bother him at times.The hell with it,his whole family seemed to be that way,thats just the way
it was and he accepted the fact,he slaped his cock ,then sat up,reaching for
his shorts,no need in bothering with underwear.Opening the door quietly,he
headed for the bathroom.There was voices coming from his parents bedroom,Jay stopped and
listened,then pushed the door open a bit.
There on the bed lay his mom and grandpa,both naked,arms around one
another,his mom was not fighting him off like before.His grandpa,s cock was not inside her yet,but lay flat under her belly as
she lay on top of him.
Jay watched quietly as she slid down his grandads belly till she reached his
cock,then as she stroked it a few times,slid her mouth down over it's huge
head till the shaft disappeared totally,his grandad holding her head in both
hands,as he arched his ass gently.Jay could see her pretty ass,the ass he had ate not long ago,just above the
pussy he had also ate as well and buried his young cock deep inside,getting
his first piece of pussy.Without him being aware of it,his cock had became
rock hard once little lolita smoking model
again.Backing away,he gently pulled the door to,no!he thought he wasn't ready for
sex with his mom again,he wasn't sure he would ever be even though she had
seemed to accept it.
Jay quickly took a cool shower dried off,dressed and headed for the kitchen.As he passed the door,he heard his mom whisper."Quiet,I think Jay loli preview samples yo is up."
"That hardly makes a difference now does it."His grandad said,Jay knows what
it's all about,get back to what you were doing,he'll be fine."Jay grabbed a glass of milk and a sweet roll ,then headed out the door,he
did not feel like dealing with it right then.
He roamed aimlessly for awhile,had a cup of coffee at Art's diner,still he
could not get the sight of his mom and grandad having sexout of his
mind.What it boiled down to was the fact,in his own mind,he never wanted to
be cute little lolitas models rid of it,he once again had a buldge in his lolita nude girls pictures pants.He decieded to go out to Kevins and see if he was home,if so,he would talk
with him abnout it.
When he knocked on the door,Kevins kid brother answered the door.
"If your looking for Kev,he's out back.Jay looked at Robby,wondering if Kiven or his dad was fucking him also.
"Thanks Robby",he said,as he started around the house.
Kevin was setting on the steps working on a chair he was making.
"Hey Jay,whats up man."He said,smiling."I need to talk with you about something Kev,ok?"
"Sure man,you look serious,what could be that bad?"
Jay spilled everything not leaving out a thing.
"Holy shit man,you fucked your mom?"Right away Jay was defensive,"Well,so
what,you fucked your ole man.""Whoa buddy!,hell,I thinks it's cool man,I've never had a piece of ass,did
you like it?
Jay cooled down and grinned a little,"Well,yeah,I liked it a lot,but not as
much as I like being fucked myself.""Boy!I'd sure like to find out though."Kev said,laughing.
"And your gramps fucked you up the ass?"Is his cock big?"Kev asked.
"Hell yeah it's big,huge in fact,he sure knows how to fuck to."Jay said.
"Damm!I sure would have loved to see that."Kev said."Yeah,well,I can probably arrange it,grandpa has this thing about fucking
young guys,you want me to?"
"Shit yeah man,I'd like to try your m---,I mean ,yeah I'd preteen lolita kdz photos
like that."Kev
said."Come on,let's take this chair down to the the shed."The shed was where Kev
and his dad done there wood work.
They were all most there,when keving grbbed Jay's arm.
"Wait a minute,someones in there."Hoe can you tell,you can't see inside?"Jay said.
"No,but I can see that mail sack on the bench there,and see the door,it's
partly open,we never leave the door unlocked."Kevin said,walking forward
quietly.He home made photos lolita crept up to a window,slowly raising his head as he peeked in.
Quickly,he lowered his head.motioning for Jay.
"It's Jim Hunt,he'got someone bent over a saw horse fucking his ass off."Jay raised up and took a quick peek,"Damm!,did you see who that was?"
"No,all I could see was Hunts ass pumping."Kev said.
"It's Johnathan,the kid from down the road and he looks like he's enjoying
it."Both boys raised up as one,peeking inside,the mail man had his back to the
door,they could see everyting from the window.
Kev remembered that Johnathan came down to the pond behind the shed a lot in
the summer and swam,But how the hell did Hunt get with him?Hunts head flew back as he buried his cock deep inside that young,boyish
hole,his cum filling him full,there was even some running down Johnathans
They watched as Hunt knelt down,parting the cheeks, burying his face
between,them,licking the boys fresh fucked ass.Both Kevin and Jay had there cocks out,stroking slowly as they kept there
eyes on the two inside.
Standing up now,Mr Hunt picked Johnathan up,holding him around the waist as
they kissed,all the time lowering him down on his long shaft,till it
disappeared from sight.There was no doubt the boy was enjoying the sex as well as the man,the
little sex pot was rotating his ass gently as Mr Hunt once again began to
fuck him.
He was two years younger than Jay,but took the cock every bit as easy as he
ever had.Jay had moved to the door,which was ajar enough he coukld see most of the
room,encluding the two fucking.
As he felt his shorts being pulled down,he stepped out out of the,not taking
his eyes off of Johnathan,he knew right then he was going to fuck that young
ass,first chance he had.Kevin had spit on his cock before pressing the head between Jay's
bun's,stretching his bung hole open,sliding up his shit chute.
He held Jay by the hips,pumping his cock slowly in and out of his love
hole,both boys keeping there eyes glued to the action inside.Mr Hunt was holding the boy by the waist,bobbing him up and down on his
cock,faster now with Johnathan still hugging his neck,a smile on his face.
Kevin was trying to keep the same pace as Mr lolita lolitas nymphets top Hunt, so he could cum at the
same time he did.Both began to fuck faster now as both boys rotated there ass,teasing the
cock envading there treasure.
As Mr Hunt sat the boy comletely down teenager soft erotic lolita on his dick,throwing his head
back,eyes closed,teeth clenched,so did his admirer Kevin.
Both parties filling the ass they were embedded in with there warm,silky
jisam.Jay was afraid there panting would give then away,but if Mr Hunt was aware
of there presence,he never showed the slightest sign of it.
Kevin must have been really hot,he was down on his knees sucking Jay's ass
now,his tongue going crazy.But Jay pulled away,tugging Kev's arm.pulling up beside him.
Mr Hunt had left Johnathan empaled on his cock as they kissed,warm piss
flowing out of the boys ass onto the floor and over his feet.
"Damm! I wish I could suck some of that up,"Kev whispered in jay's ear.
"Yeah,you and me both,I'm gonna drink some of that little shit piss first
chance I get."Mr Hunt then liffed the boy free of his dick,turned him around with
ease,bent him over as the boy rested his hands on the mans knees,(It was
plain to see they had done this before)then proceeded to hold the lads ass
to his face as he once again sucked his young ass,licking and drinking his
piss from the fresh fucked hole.They watched as he put the boy down,stretched out on the floor in his piss,
as Johnathan lay between his legs,parted his buns,then began eating the mans
After the boy had ate ass for awhile,he stood,straddled the mans back,aimed
his cock and little lolita smoking model
began pissing over his head,soaking his hair his warm piss.Mr Hunt then truend over as the piss flooded his face,opening his mouth to
catch that fresh.young pee,drinking,not missing a drop.
After that,they stood,kissed,as Mr HUnt said,"Come on boy,lets go to the
pond and wash off."Both Jay anf Kev scurried around the corner just before the man and boy
turned around.
"Where's your shorts?"Kevin whispered.
"Oh shit!"Jay gsaped as he saw them laying just out the door.Th boy ran for the pond,the man stopped,looking down,he picked up the
shorts,siffed them then looked around.
Jay and Kev had ducked,waitinf fot him to leave when a voice said,"Did you
boys enjoy the show?"Mr Hunt asked,standing there holding Jays shorts.Both boys stood with there mouths open,not knowing what to say.
The man handed Jay his shorts saying,"Here,better cover that hansome cock up
before it gets cold."
"I know you boys,you breath one word of this and I'll be paying you a
visit,understand?"Bu now Kev,who was quicker on recouping than Jay said,"We wouldn't want it
any other was Mr Hunt,in fact,you damm well better look us up,"And with that
said,he gripped the man's limp cock,squeezing it.
"And I would suggest you see that Johnathan comes back up here after your
dip,now,do you understand me!The mans face turned red,as he turned,heading for the pond where the boy had
all ready jumped in.
It was no more than ten minutes before Mr Hunt and Johnathan walked back in
the door.Johnathan stood shivering,Jay threw him a towel as Mr Hunt dressed
and quickly left."Jim said you guys saw everything,you gonna tell my folks?"The boyasked.
"No Johnathan,were not telling anyone anything,Kevin said,as he removed the
towel from around the boy exposing his soft,young body,his little cock
hanging limp."We like him don't we Jay?
"We sure do,we liked the way you had sex with Jim,how long you two ben doing
"Over a year now,I've always liked him a lot."Thr boy said."Yes,we know,it showed."Kev said,smiling.
"Jay placed his arm around his shoulders,then kissed him as there bodies
pressed together,his cock becoming hard just from touching the boys body.Kev was behind him,massaging the round melon like butt cheeks.
"You like being fucked don't you kid."He said,still kneeding his ass.
"Yes,but JIm's the only one that has ever done it."The boy said.
"bend over the bench here Johnathan,lets see what ya got.Kev said."You can call me Jon if you like,lots of people do."The kid said.
"Ok Jon,bend right over here so Jay can look at that sweet ass,ok?"
As Jon done as Kev said,Jay parted the boys cheeks,looking his hole over.
"He sure has a nice one Kev."Then he pressed his mouth over Jon's
hole,teasing it with his tongue.
Kev sat in front,kissing Jon's mouth,sucking his tongue,while Jay ate his
ass.Jay was getting pretty worked up now lolikon bbs 3d xxx ans began nibbling on the cheeks of
Jon's ass,showering them with kisses before guiding his cock between
them,forcing it up his young,male cunt.
"Like that Jon?"He said as his belly pressed against his ass."Yes,I like it a lot."Jon answered.
ev stood up,holding Jon's head up by his hair as he placed his cock in his
There was no doubt he knew how to suck dick the way he went after it.Jay was taking his time,it was so good,he wanted to make it last.
"Thats it Jon,suck that dick,yeah boy,you really are a good cocksucker
aren't you."
"Uummppuu."Was all Jon could say,what with his mouth full of cock."Suck it Jon baby,damm!I'm all most there,aw shit,I can hold it
back,awww,awww,aawww!"Kev held Jon by his little ears as he filled his hot
little mouth with his creamy spern,looking down at him as he swallowed every
bit of it.Jay had cum up his ass and was now in the process of sucking it out,then
stood up licking his lips.
"You piss on Jim all the time?"Jay asked.
"Yeah,just about,he likes that,he like to drink it to."Jon said."How about you,ever drink any of his?"
"Sure,lots of times."Jon said.smiling.
"You like to drink ours?
"If you want me to,I don't mind.Jon said."Good,Jay said,"But first,I'll drink yours,can you pee?"
"yes."Jon answered.
With that said,Jay knelt taking Jons little cock in his mouth and waited,JOn
soon rewarded him with a mouthfull of young pee.Jay never wasted a drop.Then Kev took his turn pissing in Jon's mouth as the boy drank it down.
After catching his breath,he drank Jay's from his cock,making slurping
sounds as he swallowed it down.
Jay sucked Jon's cock and was plesently surprised to find he could cum,he
liked the fresh young taste of his cream.The three of them talked for a long time,Jay asked if he would like to make
some money and Jon quickly said yes,his eyes lighting up.
"Ok,you be at my place saturday afternoon at one sharp,can you do that?"
"Heck yes,I'm alone most of the time through the day."Jon said."Good,I'm gonna take you to see a friend of mine,a Mr Palmer,he likes us
young guys."
"I know Mr Palmer,my dad works for him to."Jon said.
"Good,I'll look for you then,"When I headed for home,Kev had his cock up Jon's ass pouring the meat to
him.The boy really like to be fucked,that was for sure,Jay was smiling,he
could still take JOn's piss in his mouth.............
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